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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Test Grading Tool

Quite a few companies have software packages that allow you to enter answers and the computer "crunches" the number. You get an item analysis and see on what concepts the group as a whole blossomed or bombed. You can compare subgroups to see group differences according to gender, race, or poverty. You can get such a software package for big bucks, or...

...you can download one for free. This link takes you to a folder with two items. One is a sample that has some names in it. You can get a feel for how you can take an multiple choice test, enter the correct answers, and enter the student answers on the "Enter Answers" tab. The "Results" tab gives the grade for each student shows which answers were correct and incorrect, and gives an item analysis as both a straight percentage and as a graph. Other tabs allow you to view results by race, gender, or lunch code. The other item is a blank spreadsheet on which you can enter student names and the other demographic information.

After saving the spreadsheet to your computer, you have the ability to use the tool with any multiple choice test you give. There is an "Instructions" tab that guides you through the whole thing. Some who are a little more comfortable with technology are likely to take one look at this and realize the gem they have. Others will see what it can do and then want to give it a try.

One caveat--this one is free for us, and us only. If you like it, feel free to use it, but please do not share it with people from other school systems.



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