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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

SACS Standards-Give us your ideas

Part of our process of achieving SACS District Accreditation is to provide evidence of how we meet each of the 7 SACS standards. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to give their input.

On our TalladegaCitySchools blog, there is an introductory post (September 18), followed by a post for each of the 7 standards. On that blog, an open invitation is made for stakeholders to leave a comment related to any of the standards by clicking the "Comment" link at the bottom of each post.

I invite each of you to give us your thoughts as well. You can go directly to a standard by clicking one of the links below:

Standard 1-Vision and Purpose
Standard 2-Governance and Leadership
Standard 3-Teaching and Learning
Standard 4-Documenting and Using Results
Standard 5-Resources and Support Systems
Standard 6-Stakeholder Communication and Relations...
Standard 7-Commitment to Continuous Improvement



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