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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Taking a Lesson from THS Tigers

I don’t know much about football with all of its first downs, penalty flags on the play, fumbles, illegal substitutions, and such…but I do know good teamwork when I see it. The Talladega Tigers came away with an impressive win over Sylacauga Friday night, 41 to 34. If you missed it, don’t worry, it will be talked about for a long time.

Coach Granger, his coaching staff, and players have the right idea when it comes to working together. Everyone played a part in achieving this win. Some of the players experienced leg cramps from the endless runs up and down the field, yet they continued to play. The team was becoming tired with little time to rest for either the defense or offense, but you could see their stamina and determination to bring home a win. Even the players on the sideline motioned to the fans to stand to their feet and cheer the team on.

The Tigers were not alone in this challenge. Their fans were impressive, too. Even with the threat of rain, the visitor side was full. Many of the cheers and chants were started by spectators who were quickly joined by those sitting around them. Along with the cheerleaders, we were supporting our team, our high school, and our children.

One of the stars of the night was Tae Keith, a young man featured this week in the Daily Home. He was quoted as saying that Talladega was going to walk away with a win. Believing and having the right attitude can make things happen. He is a natural leader and shows confidence in himself, his coach, and his fellow players. It would have been easy to become discouraged with the back and forth scoring of touchdowns from both teams. But Talladega’s players had perseverance. We can all take a lesson from the Talladega Tigers.
If you believe it, you can achieve it.



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