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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Congratulations to One of Our Own

Most of you would not normally pick up a copy of "Principal Magazine" but you might want to check out the September/October 2007 Issue. One of our own, Dr. Frank Buck, is a featured author and his topic (you probably guessed it) is entitled, "Managing Technology".

After reading the article, here are some tips I thought teachers might find useful.
  • Technology is here to stay. We must learn how to manage it...or let it manage us.

  • Sometime you can have too much software. His suggestion is Microsoft Office suite.

  • Empty your email inbox daily. How can you do this? Set up folders and drag and drop emails you wish to save to the features offered in Outlook: task list, calendar, or notes.

  • The internet provides a tremendous source for information..a playground for teachers.

  • Just google what you want to know and be amazed what the hits reveal.

  • Technology can be both an interruption and a preventer of interruptions. The power lies in the hands of the user.

  • We must teach our students how to manage the use of technology and model this approach.
Congratulations, Dr. Buck! You represent Talladega City Schools well.


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