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Monday, December 03, 2007

R. L. Young's Kindergarteners study about Native Americans

Kindergarten students at R. L. Young
are learning about cooperative learning
at an early age. Pictured above are
several kindergarten students working together
to make the sheet which will transform
into the cover of a tee-pee.

These students are decorating paper
bags which will become their vest.

Mrs. Lamberth's class is pictured
in their vest creations in front of
their tee-pee.

Pictured above are Mrs. Lamberth's,
Mrs. Liner's and Mrs. Nabors'
Kindergarten classes, sporting their
Native American attire and headdresses.
As always, our Kindergarten department
rises above and beyond the call of duty.
Our teachers are just good, aren't they?


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