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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Buster the Bus visits R. L. Young's K-2 students

First and second grade students at
R. L. Young were treated to a bus safety
assembly featuring "Buster the Bus".

Buster chose Mrs. Armstrong to
help him out. As you can see, Mrs.
Armstrong is trying to get on Buster's
level to follow directions.

Second grader Mary Wilson and
first grader Tommy Wilcox help
out by demonstrating the importance
of the "Danger Zone".

Last year, the teachers were treated
to a surprise water spray by Buster.
This year, the teachers demonstrated
their dancing ability by performing the
twist, hokey-pokey, bunny-hop, chicken
dance and the YMCA dance. Mrs. Vincent
can move muscles we didn't know she had!

Buster saved his best for the last group,
our precious kindergarteners and their
teachers: Mrs. Liner, Mrs. Nabors and
Mrs. Lamberth. The first and second
grade teachers decided to not spoil
their surprise about the dance moves.
We all love Buster the Bus here at R. L.
Young. We can't wait till next year when
he rolls our way again!


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