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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Calendar Options

The Calendar Committee met yesterday and has drafted three options for your consideration. To view the calendars, click here. Here are the basic differences in the calendars:

  • Option 1--You have an entire week for Thanksgiving. The trade off comes by giving up time during the race weekends. There are also no weather days in this calendar.
  • Option 2--You have three days for Thanksgiving (just like you have now). You will have a holiday and a weather day at race weekend time.
  • Option 3--You have an entire week for Thanksgiving. The school years ends one week later on this calendar, giving some breathing room to take weather days and holidays.

The Calendar Committee will meet again on December 12 to tally the votes from each school. Between now and then, and representative from your building will be having you submit your vote for the option of your choice. Each employee gets a vote.

Thanks to the members of the Calendar Committee for their time and effort!



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