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Thursday, August 30, 2007

"Proactive Discipline for Reactive Students"- A Book Study Invitation

THS Principal Darren Douthitt will begin facilitating a book study on September 11, 2007, using the book “Proactive Discipline for Reactive Students.”

The book “Proactive Discipline for Reactive Students” approaches classroom management from the premise that effective discipline is not doing something to a student; but it encompasses everything that takes place in the classroom. This book deals with issues associated with differentiating between typical and atypical behavior, effectively communicating in the classroom, building and maintaining self-esteem, curriculum development, classroom structure, teacher/student relationships, and implementing specific interventions designed to teach both typical and atypical students the art of self-discipline!

“Proactive Discipline for Reactive Students” is a positive (proactive) rather than a negative (reactive) approach to classroom behavior management. When students misbehave, teachers often respond with “consequences”. Consequences are only designed to deal with the immediate problem, not teach the students positive alternative ways of behaving. In this book, Dr. Johnson discusses how to move from consequences to interventions by developing a classroom for proactive discipline. When this occurs, there is a lasting impact that changes student behavior patterns for a life time.

If you are interested in the book study, email Mr. Douthitt at ddouthitt@talladega-cs.net as soon as possible. Everyone is invited to participate in this activity. A schedule of events will be provided at a later date. The tentative plan is to meet once a week for about 10 weeks. Each session will last about an hour.


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