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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Extravaganza is HERE!

The Back to School Parent Extravaganza will take place on Thursday, Sept. 7th from 6 until 8 pm.

Each PTO president has agreed to reward students whose parents participate in the Extravaganza. Participation will be tracked by sign-in sheets on each school's table. This is not something you will have to do.

Any further promotion you can give will be appreciated. We are hoping for a good turn out. The speakers will be addressing "Motivating your child to succeed", "Raising today's child", and "STI-Home" for the k-8th grade parents. The high school parents will also have an opportunity to hear about scholarships, the graduation exam, and STI Home. These are all topics that encourage parent involvement and awareness. It should make your job easier if the parents are more involved.

This event will also promote our system as a whole. There are wonderful things happening in classrooms across this district. Keep up the good work!


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