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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Enhancing Computer Performance

John Locklin has identified computer performance problems throughout the school system which can be traced back to three basic problems. Here are the problems and their solutions:

1. Installed toolbars, i.e. google and yahoo.
2. Symantec Internet Security that comes pre-installed on new computers.
3. Error messages that say Not Authorized to View this Page or Forbidden.

The solutions are easy.

1. Uninstall the toolbars. To do this you click on start, then control panel, add and remove programs. Remove anything that says toolbars, as well as any program that you have added.

2. Open the internet security by double clicking on the ball with grid lines. You will find this in the toolbar with the clock. Disable each part, filter, spyware, etc. You may also remove it completely from your computer, by following the steps above.

3. Install the proxy filter, which should be in place on every computer in your classroom. Steps for this are given below.

Step 1 Open your web browser
Step 2 Click on Tools
Step 3 Click on Internet Options
Step 4 Click on the Connection tab
Step 5 Click on LAN Settings
Step 6 Click on Proxy Server to put a check in the box
Step 7 In Address Box type
Step 8 Tab to Port Box and type 8002
Step 9 Click on OK (this screen will close)
Step 10 Click on OK (this will close Tools)
Step 11 Try to go to the Internet

John Locklin
Technology Coordinator
Talladega City Schools

phone # : 256-315-5680
cell # : 256-223-7797


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