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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sample IEPs

Most regular education teaching reading this post have at one point been a part of IEP meetings. Also, you and the special education teachers have discussed students in your class with disabilities, needed accommodations, and other information.

You may not have had an opportunity to look closely at an entire IEP, particularly one from a grade level other than the one you teach. I have posted a half-dozen samples to serve as references for our special education teachers. You are invited to look at those if you wish.

To view them, click on the "Downloadable Documents" link. Open the "Special Education" folder, and then open the "Sample IEP" folder. When you open on of the documents, you will be prompted for a password. Simply click "cancel." You may even be prompted for a password more than once. Just click "cancel" again if needed, and the document will open for you.


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