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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Downloadable Documents-How do I download them?

In the last post, I talked about what available for you to download right now. Clicking once on a folder will open it to let you see what is inside. Click once on the document will either open it or give you the option to open it or save it to your computer.

All of that is pretty old hat to most of you. Here is what you really need to know: If a box pops up and wants a password, just click "Cancel." If the box pops up again, just click "Cancel" again. A password is not required to download anything.

What you see there right now is just the beginning. As new documents are posted, I will let you know through posts just like this what to look for.

One final thought: Don't feel the need to print all of the things you download. Between having a good system for filing things on your computer and a good system for backing up your stuff, printing everything actually becomes counter-productive. If you think that I will one day be sharing with you some practical ideas for storing and backing-up your digital data, you are on the money.


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