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Monday, July 24, 2006

The record keeping for all professional development activities is now being stored electronically on PDWeb. You will be able to sign up for workshops offered at your school, offered at the district level, offered through the regional inservice center, or offered throughout the state through this one website.

You will also be able to view the training for which you had been given credit. Gone are the days when you wonder if you have been awarded credit for training you have submitted. Gone are the days when you had to sit down at the end of the year and log everything you done from August through May. This website keeps up with all of it.

Like anything new, getting accustom to it will take a little time. If you are brand new to PDWeb, the website is pdweb.alsde.edu

Your login information includes your username (First Initial, Last initial, last six digits of social security number---Example: sd654321) and password (your birthday in this form: MM-DD-YY Example: 05-01-59)

Here are the workshops being offered districtwide. Your individual school will also have activities which will be posted on PDWeb:

194-16 Institute (All certified teachers will need to this one)

194-17 Voyager Training (There is one session for K-1 new hires, one for grade 2-3 new hires, and one for grades 4-5 new hires and all 6th grade.

194-18 Special education teachers will need to sign up for this one

194-19 Math workshop. There is one session for grades 3-4 and one for grades 5-6

194-20 Renaissance Place. This would be for the reading coach and Ellis librarian

Optional technology workshops (Each of these has a session geared for elementary and a session geared for jr. high):

194-21 APT Plus

194-22 Digital Photography and Photo Editing

194-23 PhotoStory III

For teachers new to the Talladega City School System:
194-24 New Teacher Orientation

I am in the process of scheduling training for those who are receiving SchoolsPads. (Your principal would be able to tell you if this is applicable to you.) When that training has been scheduled, I will add it to PDWeb and also update that information here.


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