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Thursday, August 03, 2006


As the week has progressed, more and more of us are getting the hang of PDWeb. Gone are the days of having to keep up with your professional development with a pile of papers. Gone are the days when you wondered how well your professional development records kept in the office matched with the professional development credit you thought you had earned.

You will really start to see the benefit when we approach the end of the year. As you are doing all of the normal end-of-school things, one thing you will not be doing is having to go back and list all of the professional development activities from the whole year. Your signing up all along on PDWeb is taking care of that paperwork.

As you begin to look for summer workshops to attend, you will have resources at your fingertips like you have never had before. Looking for a good math workshop geared for your grade level? All you would have to do is "Search the PD Catalog" and put a check "math" and a check beside your grade level. You instantly see a list of every applicable workshop in the state.

Please remember that to receive credit for any of the workshops you have attended this week, you must go to PDWeb and sign up for those workshops. I will leave all of the workshops open until the end of next week. At that time, I will sit down with the signing sheets and award credit to everyone.


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