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Friday, August 15, 2008

We turn around and its Christmas
We turn around again...its May!
"Where did this school year go?"
We hear each other say.

We all are overwhelmed
With assessments and guidelines, too...
But I hope this little poem
Will somehow challenge you

To go beyond and above the call
Of teaching day by day
And when a trivial question is asked
You have something positive to say.

To be your best self, above all else,
A beacon in the night
You are the glimmer of hope to a child
Who sees no end in sight.

To ask for help when you need it
To give it to others should they ask...
To be an example and teach them all
To complete even the smallest task.

To look at every face in your classroom
As it is looking back at you
And vow to give them your very best
If it is the last thing on earth you do.

These children in classes of 08 and 09
Will pass on, grow up and be gone...
But their memory of us will last forever
Etched on their hearts like writing on a stone.

Happy Teaching!


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