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Monday, August 11, 2008

StoryTown Pacing Guides

The StoryTown pacing guide for grades 2-6 is posted here. The guide includes pacing of the lessons, when the give the assessments (weekly, theme, benchmark). The theme tests are highlighted in red. You will see several dates highlighted in yellow. Those represent weeks where it will be necessary to teach the five lessons and do the weekly assessment all within a five-day window. This is done to prevent carrying a lesson over an extended holiday.

You will probably want to add the link to the pacing guide to your Favorites or to your Del.icio.us page.

First-grade teachers, remember, that you are going to e-mail me at the end of the week to let me know the progress you are making with the introductory lessons. That will allow us to construct a pacing guide for you. I will be putting together a group of kindergarten teachers to do the same for your grade level.

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