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Monday, August 04, 2008

Credit Awarded on PDWeb

I have awarded credit from this morning’s inservice from the sign-in sheets. To see that you have been awarded credit, log in to PDWeb and click on “My History.” You should see your credit as having been awarded.

If your name did not print our on the sign-in sheet, there is no way I can award credit for you. If your name was not on the sign-in sheet, it means you are not in PDWeb. PDWeb pulls from STIOffice. Certain fields must be correct in STIOffice in order for your data to copy into PDWeb.

An e-mail went to all school secretaries outlining what had to be present in STIOffice. A place to start would be to consult the principal or secretary at your school to see if the instructions in that e-mail had been followed. The process of pulling employees from STIOffice over into PDWeb happens automatically over the weekend, so if changes are made this week, they will show up on Monday morning.

Once you are in PDWeb, you can be awarded credit. I will need to have a memo from your principal stating that you attended the training and that at the time of the training you were not in PDWeb.



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