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Monday, June 09, 2008

Blogs Take Off With Dega Band

Those who have worked with blogs realize how easy they are to update. The THS Band is using blogs to help students communicate with each other.

Summertime is busy for band students. With full band rehearsals, sectional rehearsals, band camp, uniforms to fit, and equipment to keep in tip-top shape, keeping everyone informed can be a challenge.

Each section in the band has established its own blog. For example, this blog for the Dega Darlins not only keeps them informed of information they need to know, but it also has links down the left-hand side which take the reader to blogs for the other sections of the band.

Gone are the days when staying informed meant keeping up with pieces of paper (and hoping none were passed out on the very day you weren't there). With blogs, everything you need to know is posted in reverse chronological order. It's not going to get lost. You can view it from anywhere. If you are absent, you don't miss the handout. This just may work!

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