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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Embedding PhotoStory Presentations Using TeacherTube

As more of us become comfortable creating PhotoStory presentations, we may want to look at posting them so they can be viewed by others. In this example, I have taken a PhotoStory we used during District Accreditation and embedded it in this blog post.

I first went to TeacherTube, created a free account, and uploaded the video. The process is simple, although it took the computer several minutes to upload the video. Embedding the video simply involves copying a line of code from TeacherTube and pasting it in the blog post. That may sound Greek, but once you have been shown one time, it's easy.

The video will work best with a high-speed connection. You will find the video will start and stop every few seconds due to our filtering system. Once the video fully downloads once, you could play it from the beginning and have no problem with hesitations.

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