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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Reading Resources for Lower Elementary Grades

Listed here are several resources that you can use to build reading fluency in the lower grades. Each uses your computer and can be used in conjunction with an LCD projector to do activities with a large group. The nice thing about these presentations is that you can start them, and you are free to move on to other things. The slides change themselves:

Fluency Phrases for 1st Grade—This is a PowerPoint presentation which will flash common phrases on the screen every few seconds.

Fluency Phrases for 2nd Grade—This presentation is the same as the last except it is appropriate for 2nd grade. The slides change every 3 seconds. If you feel is timing is too fast or slow, there is a way to change how long each slide remains on the screen.

Fry List—This is a PowerPoint which flashes common phrases every few seconds. You can start it and not have to touch the computer until the whole thing is done.

Fry Phrases-Very Large List—This is a PowerPoint which flashes phrases every 1 second. There are 242 slides in this presentation. If you wanted to break the presentation into a number of smaller presentations, you can easily create a new slideshow and copy/paste a portion of the slides. You can also slow the timing so that each slide stays on the screen longer.

As an added bonus:
How the Brain Learns to Read—This PowerPoint is a book review of Dr. David Sousa’s work. The PowerPoint is extremely well done and includes speaker notes which are independent of the text on screen.

Thanks to Dr. Hal Horton, principal of Highland Park Elementary School in Muscles Shoals, for sharing these resources.

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