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Monday, April 21, 2008

"Thrilled" about Ruth Law!

These students in Mrs. Armstrong's second grade class are "thrilled" about their story this week. The story is "Ruth Law Thrills A Nation." The thrilling part is making paper airplanes and taking our classroom outside to see which one can win the race! In case you're wondering, Ruth Law was the first American (and woman, I might add) to fly non-stop for 590 miles, the longest flight recorded at that time in 1916. While she did not reach her goal of flying non-stop from Chicago to NYC, she did set a record.

After the race, we gathered on the front lawn for a group picture. I have to tell you: the girls actually did better in constructing and flying their airplanes. Give me 5, girls!!

These students in Mrs. Armstrong's second grade class made the honor roll for the 5th six weeks. All 18 students achieved this goal and they all earned a 90/A or higher in Conduct. Take a bow, students! Mrs. Armstrong is very proud of you all. Plus, 13/18 of these students met their AR goal. Hard work does pay off!


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