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Friday, May 09, 2008

Career Day at R. L. Young: What I Want To Be When I Grow Up...

These K-6 students are dressed like the professional
they hope to become when they grow up. Standing on
these steps are our future farmers, beauty queens,
police officers, armed forces personnel, veterinarians,
doctors, dentists, nurses, lawyers, teachers, mayors, firemen,
mothers, fathers, dancers, professional ball players and waitresses.

Charisma is proud that her mother came to speak
to the first graders about her profession. She is an
instructor to adult MR consumers at the Burton Center.
I'm sure Charisma thinks she's a fantastic mother, also!

Mr. Gerald Bittle, Honda employee, shared his
knowledge of how to assemble a vehicle with our
first grade students. Thanks, Mr. Bittle!

Mr. Bittle, just like Mrs. Bittle, can't talk without
his hands!

Mr. Wilcox, FCI employee, shared with the first
graders about his job as a guard at a Federal Prison.
I'm sure Mr. Wilcox is a wonderful daddy to Tommy
and Jessica, too! These children were so captivated
by their presentations. The teachers and our
counselor, Mrs. Deese, were so proud of their
behavior. So, the question of the day is..."What
Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?"

Mrs. Dayna Layfield, Caitlyn's mom, poses
for a picture with her daughter after speaking
to Mrs. Hobbs' class about her job as a
realtor with Bluebird Real Estate. Thanks,
Mrs. Layfield!
Mr. Jim Hazel, Jessica's dad, poses for a picture
with his daughter after speaking to Mrs. Nabors'
class about his job as Grounds Supervisor at
Shocco Springs Conference Center. That's a big
place to be in charge of and it always looks so
pretty. Thanks, Mr. Hazel!


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