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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Computer + Lynn Campbell = WOW!

When the sixth graders at R. L. Young began
planning for their Science Fair Project, all they
thought about was the color of display board and
if their older siblings could (or would) help. That
was until today. Mrs. Campbell, retired Talladega
City Schools teacher and veteran teacher/sponsor
of the science fair, spoke to the sixth graders
about the much anticipated "Science Fair". She
answered questions, gave ideas, spoke about
possible things the judges would be looking for and
offered a wealth of information to these students.
While Mrs. Shirley and Mrs. French are happy
to help, they were more than happy to share their
stage with this veteran, science-loving teacher and
friend. Thank you, Mrs. Campbell. Once a teacher,
always a teacher! Good luck to all participants!


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