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Friday, December 07, 2007

A Teacher Is.....

You're a banker and an artist.
You're a sprinter and a florist.
You're an actor. You're a juggler.
You're a queen.
You're a lawyer.
You're a manager.
You're a nurse, and you're a counselor.
You do more by noon
than most have ever seen.
You're a driver and a poet.
A politician (don't you know it!)
You're a botanist, a strategist, and a judge.
You're a mother and a father.
You're a runner and a tightrope walker.
You're a soldier fighting in the war on drugs.
You're a diplomat and an acrobat.
You're a farmer.
You're a friend.
You tell stories.
You mend fences.
You build dreams.
You're an instructor and a trainer,
a communicator and demonstrator.
You're a teacher!
You're incredible!
You're supreme!
~~~taken from "A little book of hugs for teachers"

I thought about all the teachers in this system
that I know personally when I read this. I thought
about the new teachers who are wondering, "Why
am I here?" I thought about the veteran teachers
who are waiting for that last day to retire.
Whatever your reason is for teaching, thank you.
Even though the students don't show appreciation now,
they will later (just like we have done as we've grown older).
Together, we can change a small part of this crazy world we
live in. Together, we can make Talladega, Alabama a better
place by inspiring these students in our care everyday to be
the best they can be. Happy Teaching!!!!!


At 12:22 PM, Blogger Dr. Frank Buck said...

How true! Thanks for reminding all of us how multi-faceted our jobs are and how important they are.


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