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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Requirements for remediation of graduation exam objectives

As a follow-up to the meeting at THS yesterday, in its briefest form, here are the requirements for re-teaching documentation that must be kept at the high school level for AHSGE remediation:

Pre-Graduation Exam

  • Teach non-mastered objectives.
  • Keep a form showing names of students and dates objectives are taught.

Graduation Exam

  • Re-teach non-mastered items
  • Keep a list of names of students and objectives not mastered.
  • List beside each student's name the date of re-teaching name of person and activity or materials for re-teaching. Include a sample of student work.

The form we introduced (one page per peiod) and procedure we oulined will satisfy the requirements for the Pre-Graduation Exam. That form together with one folder per class and the procedure we outlined will satisfy the requirements for the Graduation Exam.


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