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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

School System Calendar

I have taken all of the dates principals have given me and combined them into one calendar. You can view that calendar by clicking on the link marked "School System Calendar" at the right. For each school, I have listed the events that would apply to the entire school (PTO meetings, book fairs, awards events, etc.). I did not events such as field trips for a single grade in order to keep the calendar as uncluttered as possible.

We often have multiple events scheduled on the same day simply because we have lacked an efficient mechanism for knowing what other schools have planned. That mechanism is here now.

As the year progresses, I know schools will be adding events. It will be important for sponsors to let me know about additions and changes. As soon as the calendar ceases to be to accurate, it ceases to be something any of us can trust.

You will notice there are links to a calendar for each school also at the right. During the year, I have been looking at the extent to which those have been used. Unless I hear otherwise from a principal, those links will cease to exist after the next couple of weeks.


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