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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What Makes Writers?

There are many components that are involved in creating children who love to write. These components were spotted recently at Northside Hal Henderson's Young Authors' Day.
A school must have teachers who believe all children are writers, even in kindergarten. These teachers must model writing and stress its importance.

Students must believe they are writers and be willing to roll up their sleeves and produce work in which they are proud to share with others.
Parents must be willing to participate in celebrations of young writers, such as the Young Authors' Day.

Everyone in the school must recognize that what they do makes a difference in the way students view themselves. School is important, writing is important, and they are important.

When all the components are in place, students begin to understand that writing and reading go hand in hand. The better a writer you are, the better a reader you will become. Congratulations to all Hal Henderson teachers, staff, students, parents!


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