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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Workshops at AETC

If you are going to the Alabama Educational Technology Conference (AETC), I will be presenting three workshops there, and invite any of our teachers to attend:

  • Turning Outlook into a Lean, Mean, Productivity Machine—Outlook is a powerful, yet underutilized, tool which is already available to most of us. We will examine the capabilities of Outlook to serve as your calendar and to-do list. An important element of the session is how Outlook will synchronize with many types of SmartPhones, allowing you to have your calendar, a very complete address book, all of your outstanding tasks, and a wealth of resource information all on your phone. (June 13, 11:00, East Hall Room I/J)
  • Your Own Blog in 10 Minutes of Less—Participants will see how to compose a blog from scratch. You will learn not only how to compose posts, but how to include links in posts, include pictures, and invite other people to be member of your blog. We will also examine several blogs already in existence that you can use as examples as you create your own. (June 14, 9:15, East Hall Room N)
  • It’s About Time for Technology—This workshop focuses on organizational and time management practices that utilize the computer. We examine how to organize files, backup the computer easily, improve our use of e-mail, and expand your use of Google. (June 14, 12:30, East Hall Room N)


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