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Friday, May 11, 2007

More info on professional development from your computer

We have gone ahead and given all elementary and middle school teachers access to the common programs that everyone really need to know: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You also have access to a course on integrating technology into the classroom.

To use the program, go to http://talladega.howtomaster.com
Username: First Initial followed by Last Name (example: jsmith)
Password: password
You can change your password after you log in by clicking on “Profile” under “My Info.”
Save the above information so that you will be able to login next time.

After logging in, click on the icon that says "My Courses." You are ready to go!

Many of the courses begin with a pre-test to see what you already know. That way, you only work through lessons on material which is new to you.

The last post talked about downloading a form to send to John Locklin. At this point, if you were wanting any of the courses mentioned earlier (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, or Integrating Technology, you don't even have to fill out the form. You already have those courses. For most of us that is going to keep you busy for a while. If you saw anything else on the sheet that you are interested in learning now (Outlook, Access, etc.), then download the sheet and send it to John.


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