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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

United Streaming Video

Back in March, you probably read this post on United Streaming Video. With summer approaching, some of you may want to explore that site and identify videos that you wld like to use with your classes, either in whole or in part, next year.

Not only is the site free, but you can organize videos for re-use. You could go about this a couple of way:

Organize videos by topic
  1. When you login, click the link at the top which says "My Content."
  2. Think about how you would organize materials in a metal filing cabinet. You will want to apply the same organizational system here.
  3. Click on "Add Folder" and enter a title. That title might be the name of a course you teach.
  4. You can create folders within a folder. To do this, click on the name of the folder. It will open. You may then click "Add Folder."
  5. The "Add Content" button will allow you to search video clips and add them to the folders you have created.

Organize videos by months
If you have a good idea of what topics you will cover during each month of the year, you may wish to organize your videos accordingly.
  1. Follow the steps above to create folders each with the name of a different month.
  2. Inside each folder, you can create sub folders. You may label them with the subject name, unit name, or any other naming scheme you wish.
  3. You may then open a sub folder and begin to add content.

The idea behind saving items in the "My Content" folder is that you never have to search for them again. Once placed in your organizational system, they are there for you to use year after year.


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