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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

THS--Graduation Exam Item Specs Without Answers Marked

The set of items specifications for each of the five parts of the graduation exam gives teacher a great tool. Now that so many of you have projectors, you can use the item specs without running off copies or making overhead transparencies. If you have the specs in digital form on your computer, you are one double-click away from having sample questions on the wall (or digital whiteboard) for the whole class to see.

The problem is that the answers are already marked with an "*". Since three of the five subjects are available in PDF form only, getting rid of the * beside each correct answer presents quite a challenge. We have, however, figured out another way to skin the cat.

We were able to create a black band that covers up the * beside the correct answer as well as the spot where the * would be beside the wrong answers. (Pay no attention to any small red squares or letting that may appear in the black band. It has nothing to do with right or wrong answers. It simply has to do with the trick we had to play for us to be allowed to change the PDF file.)

You can download these item specs to your computer by going here. If asked for a password, just hit cancel.

The link above takes you directly to these documents. You could also get to them by doing this:
  1. Clicking on the link to the right that says "Downloadable Documents."
  2. Click on "Curriculum"
  3. Click on "Graduation Exam Preparation"
  4. Click on "Item Specifications Without Answers Marked."

I hope you will find this set helpful.


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