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Friday, November 03, 2006

Recruiting prospective teachers

Recruiting the very best teachers we can find is a factor critical to the success of our school system. It's not just something to think about in June. Instead, it is an ongoing program. There is part of that effort where I can use the assistance of anybody reading this post.

Please take a moment to think of who know that is either:
  1. Going to be looking for a teaching job in the near future; or
  2. Is around people who are in the market for teaching jobs (college professors, college students whose friends are nearing graduation in education).

Once you have those people in mind, please send me their e-mail addresses.

I have begun a putting together a bank of e-mail addresses of people just like I just described. Each time we have a job vacancy, we will be able to compose one e-mail message and send it to the entire bank of names.

Think about the possibilities for a second--If you knew of a young person looking for their start in education or a veteran looking to make a change and you received an e-mail about a job in their area of expertise, wouldn't you pass it along? For many of us, that's exactly the way we got our start. Somebody heard of a job opportunity, knew that we were looking, and took the time to tell us about it.

You can send those addresses to me at: buck@mail.talladega-cs.net



At 3:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Idea!



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