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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

K-8 Continues the Pace!

Several K-8 teachers met on October 12 at Graham Elementary School to continue the pace set by Talladega High School's math department.

The efforts of these dedicated teachers to help create pacing guides for our Saxon Math series were very appreciated. I remember how hard it is to plan on being out of the classroom. These teachers are to be commended!

So why do we need pacing guides? The guides will help to eliminate some of the cramming right before testing. Many objectives can wait until after testing because they are not covered in the state course of study. Using guides will help when students transfer from one school to another within the district. The district knows teachers cannot all stay on the same exact lesson, but this will serve as a framework to keep grades across the system together.

So what if you don't administer the ARMT and SAT 10? Even though your grade does not give the formal testing, you are setting the stage to help get them ready. Even Alabama High School Graduation Exam objectives can be found in grades below the high school level.

Math pacing guides for all k-8 teachers will help to assure that when test time arrives our students will be ready. As soon as the guides are complete, everyone will receive a copy!


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