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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

American Education Week at R.L. Young

The students and staff at R.L. Young had a great time during American Education Week. They participated in many different activities during the week. Students "kicked-off" the week with Mayor Brian York as the guest speaker. He did a great job talking to the students about their future and the importance of a good education. On Wednesday all retired teachers were invited to a luncheon. Students wrote essays about "Why Education is Important to Me." Some students wrote poems, drawings and paintings. Students were encouraged to write "Thank-You" notes to anyone who serves in our school. Friday was the big IRON BOWL READING contest. Everyone was encouraged to wear orange/blue or red/white. Students read for one hour and recorded the number of pages read for each team. Parents were invited to come to school and read to and listen to students read. Fifty parents showed up to help out! After adding all scores together the winner was AUBURN!!!
All of the activities were planned by Cathy Thornton.


At 8:46 PM, Blogger Pattie Thomas said...

Great job Mrs. Bittle! I am very impressed with you and all that R. L.Young is doing.


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