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Sunday, January 04, 2009

What Really Makes a Difference in Classroom Instruction?

What classroom strategies really make a difference? Robert Marzano answered that question in his classic book Classroom Instruction That Works. Marzano discusses nine instructional strategies that make the most difference in student achievement. Do you know what they are?
If you have not read the book, you can get the "Cliff Notes" version by clicking here.
This post is intended not only to bring to your attention this 2001 work, but to introduce you to a 2007 book which builds upon Marzano's work.
Using Technology With Classroom Instruction That Works takes the nine strategies used in the original work and provides practical ways for teachers to implement them using technology. The author of this later work, Howard Pitler, is a former principal of a technology magnet high school. A little more than a decade ago when I first became involved with an internet discussion group for school administrators, Howard was one who regularly posted, and did so in a manner that was always thoughtful and helpful.

I bought a copy of Using Technology With Classroom Instruction That Works, and like every other book in my office, I am glad to loan it to anyone interested in reading it. The only thing I ask is that I eventually get it back.



At 8:37 PM, Blogger Howard Pitler said...


I am glad you are finding our book of use to you. I do remember those days last century when many of us were trying to find a path in technology for learning.


At 11:31 AM, Anonymous laura said...

hey Frank . . . regarding Marzano's work . . . Just wanted to let you know that we're starting a blog series at ASCD's blog (www.ascd.org/blog), where a classroom teacher will give her chapter-by-chapter analysis of using Marzano's Art & Science of Teaching in the classroom. Each post will also feature a reply from Dr. Marzano. Check out the first posts--


Check back at the end of every month (except June & July), for the latest installment in this series.


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