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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Setting Up a Computer

I recently came across a document that is just too good not to share. It had it's creation on the day I came to an important realization. I had been physically setting up every new computer that came in the door at Graham, getting it on the internet, setting up an e-mail account, networking it to a laser printer, adding desktop shortcuts to common programs, etc., etc.

New computers were coming in the door pretty quickly, and one day I realized I simply did not have the time to continue to set them up myself. I did have time, however, to spend a couple of hours putting together detailed instructions that others could follow. It was time well spent, and pretty soon, copies of this little "Rosetta Stone" were floating around the school in pretty plentiful supply.

Some things have changed since them. I would no longer recommend desktop shortcuts. To me, an iGoogle page with some well chosen links on the "Bookmark" section is the only way to go. Outlook beats Outlook Express dollars to doughnuts. But, much on that set of instructions is still as real today as it was then. When you are stuck and there's nobody readily available, realize this little document is just a mouse click away.


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