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Friday, October 10, 2008

The 3 Statements Parents Really Want to Hear

In an issue of Teaching K-8, Dr. Jullian Lederhouse reminded readers that as we begin the process of building relationships with parents, there are 3 basic messages they are eager to hear.

The author asserts that parents are not interested in hearing that we will be preparing them for the next grade level, which tells parents nothing about the experiences for their children now. Further, preparing students to do well on standardized tests is more a goal that we have for our school rather than one parents as a key goal for their children.

Parents are eager to hear three simple statements from us:

  1. I care about your child. Parents want to hear that you really enjoy working with children and care about them.
  2. I love what I teach. In a time when all too many go through the motions of work, people who are truly passionate about their jobs are truly an inspiration. When a child has a teacher who has that passion, and the joy of teaching is evident to the children, parents realize they are in for a special year.
  3. Your child is going to love my class. We all remember teachers from our own days in school that truly inspired us and brought out the best in us. Parents want their children to enjoy school and be successful here. Knowing that their child’s teacher shares that desire speaks volumes.



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