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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Teacher of the Year

This morning, I e-mailed to principals information related to this year's "Alabama Teacher of the Year" program. The application booklet and application can be downloaded by clicking here.

Technology has made the process easier than what applicants experienced in the past. I downloaded and experimented with the application. Even though the application is in pdf format, I was able to enter text directly on the screen. I was able to save it, close the document, and find all of my text still there when I re-opened the document. The document also checked spelling as I went along, underlining typos in red.

Schools may begin the process of selected their own "Teacher of the Year" at any time. Applications are due to the central office by 4:00 PM on January 7.

We have so many high-quality teachers in our system who are worthy of recognition. Good luck to each who aspires to be "Teacher of the Year" at the school, system, state, or national level.



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