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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Post from "Leadertalk"

I read this post from "Leadertalk" just a few moments ago. Leadertalk is a blog written by school leaders for school leaders. When I read this particular post, two things jumped out at me.

The first is how true the author’s first sentence is.

The second is that of the four examples listed, three of them are things we have right now! The first two have been in place for almost two years. The fourth has become a reality within the last few days.

The beauty of Web2.0 is that it’s there for everybody regardless of district size or financial means. The variables are vision and imagination, both of which are free. I have made the statement many times that our school system is very relevant in a national picture. The challenges we face are the challenges most of America faces. The answers we come up with are answers that most of America would love to hear.



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