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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thank YOU, Dr. Patterson!

On Wednesday, February 20, 2008, our second
grade students were treated to stories from the
past by Dr. Dolia M. Patterson, principal, Houston
Elementary School. As she read the stories, the
children sat attentively and saved their questions
and comments until the end. Their favorite story
was about Ruby Bridges, the little girl in Mississippi
who had to have police escort to go to school...just
because she was black. Thank you, Dr. Patterson,
for helping us help our students and being a role
model for our future citizens, leaders and parents.
We hope you enjoy our pictures, Talladega!

Dr. Patterson reads to the students and captivates
her audience.

R. L. Young second graders, along with Mrs. Hobbs,
listen attentively to Dr. patterson as she reads.

The children were totally captivated by the time
she finished reading about Ruby Bridges. After the story,
we were able to read about Ruby Bridges on the
internet and see actual photos of that historic
day in Mississippi.


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