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Friday, January 18, 2008

It's The 100th Day of School: R. L. Young Kindergarten Style

Everyone who teaches knows the
importance and "pomp and circumstance"
that accompanies the "100th Day of
School!" Our Kindergarten teachers:
Roxanne Lamberth, Tammy Liner and
Carrie Nabors decided to do something
to help others rather than just celebrate
the day. They held a Canned Food Drive
to benefit the Red Door Kitchen.
Their goal was 100 cans per class, 300
cans total. Well, that number was just too
ordinary for our students. The three
classes together collected 1500 cans of food!
This is phenonomenal! But, what can you
expect? When the best you can be is your
example to follow, greatness is your
outcome! R. L. Young is so proud of their
Kindergarten classes and teachers.


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