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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Professional development credit

Over the last days, you have earned a considerable number of hours of professional development credit. Here is what will be happening over the next several days:

  1. We are working on "cleaning up" our database. Just as I had suspected, the state did not magically transfer to our database people who came to us from other systems. We are working on that so you will now show up as our employees. We will also get new employees added. Getting everyone in the database before we start awarding credit will keep us from doing every step twice.
  2. Using the sign-on sheets, the central office and principals will begin marking attendance in PDWeb.
  3. If the session had an evaluation attached to it, you will receive an e-mail prompting you to go click a link and do the evaluation. For example, our opening session from Monday does have an evaluation.
  4. Having an e-mail address in PDWeb is important. If you start to discover other people are getting e-mails about the evaluation and you are not, the first thing to do would be check your profile in PDWeb. (After logging into PDWeb, click "My Profile" and then click the "Contact Information" link.) That e-mail address enables notifications to be sent to you reminding you of workshops, letting you know about cancellations of workshops, evaluations, etc.)
  5. If you are wondering about the status of any training you have done, log into PDWeb and click on "My History." You will see there whether you have been given credit, whether your attendance has been marked yet, if you need to do an evaluation, or if you had been removed from the roll for some reason.
  6. Once you get all of our current people taken care of, we will work on removing those who had left the system. (Again, one would think that if the state is moving people into their new school system it would also move them out of their old one. Still some kinks to be worked out, I guess.)


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