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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Calendar Options for 2007-2008

The Calendar Committee met yesterday afternoon and drafts two calendars options for you to consider. You will find both options very similar. Going from 175 to 180 student days and still trying to end the school year by Memorial Day provides little "wiggle room."

To view the calendars, go here for Option 1 and here for Option 2. You may vire them on the screen, save them to your computer, or print them. Principals are also being sent color copies of both calendars to post in hard-copy form. If you are interested in seeing the two options presented to Talladega County employees or the calendar recommended in Sylacauga, you may go here.

The major difference between the two calendars is in how professional development are grouped. Option 1 starts the year with 3 professional development days, provides one as we come back from Christmas, one in February, one in late April, and then one to end the year. Option 2 starts the year with 5 professional development days, proves one as we come back from Christmas, and one to end the year. Te other difference is that Option 2 provides a holiday and weather day surrounding the spring race. Option 1 provides a professional development day before the race, and a school day just following the race.

These points were considered as we put together the two calendar options:
  1. Dr. Morton asked that school system not have students report prior to August 9 if there is any possibility that a the system would have to offer school choice.
  2. The dates of the fall and spring races were considered.
  3. Due the where Christmas falls, getting out on a Friday posed a real problem. We looked heavily at several possibilities. Getting out on December 14th or December 19th were viewed as simply way too early and too late respectively. Also, extending the holiday past two weeks would make ending the year by Memorial Day extremely difficult.
  4. We did look at the possibility of having spring break after testing. Given the window for the ARMT and the coming science assessment, spring break would have been April 28-May 2. We all felt that way simply too late.
  5. We looked at where Easter falls. The Spring Break on both calendar options has us out of school on Good Friday.
  6. We looked at the calendars fro Talladega County and Sylacauga. Our Option 2 is very close to Talladega County Option 1.

The Calendar Committee will reconvene on February 28. Prior to that meeting, each employee with cast a ballot. At the meeting, we will tally the votes for the school system and announce the winning calendar.


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